I’ve made a decision: herons are my favorite bird.  While this may not seem like a revelation, it feels good to be decisive – something I’m usually not. I didn’t know I needed a favorite bird, but right now it feels hyper important. Making this decision will give me the confidence to make another decision, … Continue reading Herons 

Learning to Dive

I’ll never forget the bouts of laughter coming from our instructor, Ross, when I finally surfaced mid-way through my first open-water dive. Daniel and I were in Nah Trang in Vietnam learning to scuba dive a few days after a Typhoon hit and the waters were, needless to say, a little stried up. Earlier in … Continue reading Learning to Dive

Tofo, I Love You

It’s easy to get lost in Mozambique. We came to know the small beachside town of Tofo well. Sandy roads lead to warm seas,  favorite eateries lead to cold beers; we quickly developed a sense of the place as I imagine many who wander into its charm do. Not before long we came to know … Continue reading Tofo, I Love You