78 Word Story – Udaipur

( A few months ago Esquire magazine held a contest for a well written 78 word story. Being inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s famous 6 word story, Esquire’s writers devised a format designed to place importance on every word. The story’s were so limited that even a paragraph break could signify a dramatic change. The imagination had much room to fill in what the limiting words could not.

Obviously confused, Corey and I turned the page in last month’s issue and found our entries missing from the glossy print. Since we had so much fun writing the pieces we thought it best to continue the format in our blog, telling stories of our adventures along with our larger entries. )


“You have life insurance?” is what the local asked as I climbed on his motorcycle. Foreseeing an inevitable accident, we maneuvered streets barely wide enough to walk. The unmarked storefront presented itself and money was hastily passed through the haggard bars. We departed and against the cool Indian wind I hugged the box in my lap.

Walking back into the restaurant, I place before three grateful women a bottle of rum intended for drinking at tonight’s final hurrah.


One thought on “78 Word Story – Udaipur

  1. Morgan Hass says:

    I love this, and I can’t believe Esquire forgot to print your entries! Huge oversight on their part…

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