Adios, Jason!

A few days before Daniel and I left California to travel, we shared a somber goodbye with one of our dearest friends, Jason, knowing it would be a while until we saw him again. We’d tried to convince him to come meet us in Thailand, but didn’t actually believe that our persisting would turn into … Continue reading Adios, Jason!

Barefoot in the Sand

The islands and beaches of Thailand, albeit humid, touristy and pricier than the mainland, are a must-see on any travelers agenda for a reason. Many can only dream of the rich colors and luscious views provided by some of Thailand’s more popular beach getaways. Walking off the ferry onto the island of Koh Phi Phi … Continue reading Barefoot in the Sand

Hiking in Krabi

After 6 days of bliss on the island of Koh Phangan, Daniel, Jason, Phil and I were ready for a move. We decided to head to Krabi, a gateway point to many beaches and islands on the Andaman Coast of Thailand. We hopped a ferry and, two bus rides later, had arrived. The Krabi Peninsula … Continue reading Hiking in Krabi