Thai Travel

We finished up our travels through Thailand and here is a new video that grabs some of the moments we shared.


7 thoughts on “Thai Travel

  1. Bonnie Ainsworth Miller says:

    Your video was awesome! Thanks for sharing! Love and continued safe travels to you both..

  2. Lisa Halley says:

    love this!

  3. JG_DA says:

    Yes. Awesome.

  4. Erin Boes says:

    Amazing. =) What a gorgeous country!

  5. Maureen Shaver says:

    So fun to see your travels. Your grandparents are enjoying all the pics etc. Grandma said she wished she was able to do the same at your age.

  6. Phil says:

    I seriously can’t stop watching. Love you guys, those three weeks were amazing! One more order of spring rools please

  7. Anne-Marie says:

    Everything is so beautiful. I am so happy for you both!

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