We’re Scuba Certified!

After a 4 Day PADI Open Water Scuba Diving Course, Daniel and I are officially Scuba Certified!

Getting ready to jump in with our instructor, Ross

Suiting up and checking gear

When we got to the beach town of Nha Trang, Vietnam, it was POURING rain. So we decided to try and wait out the storm for a few days before signing up for the scuba course we wanted to take. When we realized the storm wasn’t going anywhere fast, we headed to Rainbow Divers and signed up anyway, hoping the weather would clear before we got in the ocean. We had no such luck on our first two days of the course. With relentless rain soaking the streets, we spent two mornings in the classroom learning and two afternoons in the pool doing our ‘confined dives’ to practice the skills we had learned. We froze our butts off in the pool, and had little hope that we’d be diving in sunshine and clear waters on our 3rd and 4th days.

But, to our surprise, we woke up on the 3rd day of our course to perfect sunshine and blue skies. At 7am, we hopped on the dive boat and spent the next two days diving under the sun. We did 2 dives a day, practicing our skills in open water, exploring the ocean and seeing some pretty amazing sea life.

Because of the storm, the visibility underwater wasn’t as great as it usually is in Nha Trang. However, we were able to see up to 5 meters while diving, and that was enough to catch some incredible creatures. We saw a jellyfish the size of a truck tire, lion fish, frog fish, cuttlefish, tons of nemo fish living in their anemone, a moray eel, starfish, big purple sea urchins, a moorish idol, two puffer fish, a scorpion fish, a school of barracudas, an adorable seahorse, and a few of the most interesting little creatures called nudibranch.

Now that we’re certified, we’re dreaming of diving in even clearer water and seeing more of what the underwater world has to offer. Next stop, diving in Bali!


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