A Bachelorette on the Lake

Since Daniel and I have been back from Asia we’ve yet to find a lack of adventure in these great United States. We’ve explored new restaurants in LA, taken a day trip to the Getty Museum to gawk over art and fantastic views, biked all over our little beach town, and even spent a weekend in Houston meeting Daniel’s new baby nephew, Colin (Congrats to Erin and Steve, he’s cutest baby I’ve ever seen!). Being home ain’t so bad.

Most recently, I headed up to Idaho to celebrate my good friend Ashely’s bachelorette party. I know what you’re thinking, Idaho?? Well, turns out, the little lake town of Coeur d’Alene in Northern Idaho (just 30 minutes from Eastern Washington) is the best little resort town you’ve maybe never heard of. Ashley’s parents have a gorgeous house right on the river, and we spent our days on their boat, wake-surfing, soaking up sun and drinking more margaritas than you can imagine. Big, fluffy white clouds lined the sun-laced sky as we cruised down the river and into the Lake, spotting Bald Eagles through the trees more often than not. I always knew Washington was a beautiful state, but now I know that Northern Idaho shares that same lush, green beauty. With a fun strip of bars to make the summer nightlife ideal for a Bachelorette party, our weekend in Coeur d’Alene was just about perfect. Plus, I got to see about 10 friends from college that I haven’t seen in ages. Rethink what you thought you knew about Idaho, it’s not just potatoes… it’s gorgeous.

These pictures were taking by my talented best friend Morgan (Pookie) Hass. She was snapping photos on film all weekend, and she captured life on the lake quite beautifully.


One thought on “A Bachelorette on the Lake

  1. A&B says:

    Corey! I love this! Such a great post and so glad I got to see you! Come back to idaho soon!

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