A Costa Rican New Years

Finding a New Year’s Eve party in Costa Rica was a bit more of a challenge than we’d thought it would be. After finding out that many of the restaurants and bars we’d been recommended were closed for the Holiday, we were left with only a few options. The San Jose Marriott we were staying at was having a party, and while their open-air courtyard looked nice, something about it just didn’t seem right. So we hit the internet. A party at the Wyndham in nearby Herradura caught our eye with their promise of live music all night, a fancy feast and 8 hours of open bar (always enticing). But again, we were hesitant of big hotel New Year’s celebrations. We wanted culture. We wanted energy.

After a few phone calls with some overly enthusiastic and very convincing party planners, we decided to buy tickets for the Wyndham “Under The Sea” 2013 New Year’s Party. And boy am I sure glad we did. After popping a bottle of champagne in the room to start our celebration, Daniel, his mother Anne-Marie, her boyfriend Chris, his two kids, Reed and Summer, and I hopped in a cab and headed to the Wyndham.

What proceeded was one of the best New Year’s Eve celebrations I’ve ever had. The party was full of life. After a delicious dinner, the Costa Rican band Expresso began to play and they didn’t stop until almost 3 in the morning. The rhythm had every one of us on our feet for the entire night, and the female and male leads were some of the most lively and vibrant singers I’ve ever had the pleasure of dancing to. We made Costa Rican and Mexican friends on the dance floor who showed us how to move to the Latin beat, and while we may not have been the most graceful, we definitely had the most fun. Just before midnight, the countdown in Spanish began. And as the clock struck 12, confetti fell from the sky as an eruption of whistles and drums from the arriving Carnival dance troupe welcomed in the New Year.

Here’s to 2013. May yours be filled with as much fun, laughter and love as ours started with.











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2 thoughts on “A Costa Rican New Years

  1. I rang in 2011 in Costa Rica but we just stayed on the beach the whole time. I had a ton of fun!

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