Sri Lanka – A Quick Photo Journey

Good fortune came my way when I was sent by World Nomads Inc. and Intrepid Travel to Sri Lanka for a few weeks.  I was tasked with directing and shooting a few episodes of “Passport & Plate: Sri Lanka.”  Our group was assigned the Southern Region and we set out from Colombo.  We were welcomed into so many homes where smiling faces generously prepared amazing dishes for us to study, film and eat.  South Sri Lanka has numerous beautiful sites to see, areas to tour, foods to eat and beaches to sit on.  Below are some of my favorite images I captured with a little story on each.

stirringthemilkWe were invited into a home where men sat in front of cauldrons full of boiling cow’s milk.  We were witnessing a step in the chain to making one of Sri Lanka’s favored delicacies –the buffalo curd served with honey Arak.

curdkitchenThese men stood calmly in front of incredible heat.

hall of bowlsOne of the final steps in the buffalo curd process, this man fills the hall of bowls with the desired milk mixture.  The next morning each will contain the fluffy yogurt and will all be sold about by 7 am.  The process then repeats each day.  Sri Lankans can’t get enough.

earlymornfishermenEarly morning, these local fisherman stood.  At their feet rested the catch of the day, week or month –depending on your luck out at sea.  Careful eyes examined each shape and size of the plentiful bounty.

yellowtailsThe yellow tail catch of the day.

coconutstopJust your standard, “It’s so hot out, let’s stop for a refreshing roadside coconut.”

kitchencowpiesOut in Yala National forrest, near a remote campsite, a team of skilled cooks stood in this kitchen with cow pie walls.  The walls offered protection from the heat, creating a calm oasis and a place for us to enjoy another delicious meal.

loversbayThis little town of Matara was home to a beautiful ocean side view.  Along the coast were hundreds of benches each matching with hundreds of couples holding their umbrellas and taking in the scene.


skinningthefishOutside that same kitchen with cow pie walls, our cook prepared the fish by skinning and cleaning in a cutting area under the sun.

srilankansunsetA sunset I was lucky enough to be waterside for.

stiltfishingWe had the opportunity to capture the iconic Sri Lankan custom of stilt fishing.  Many consider it a dying art as modern solutions make waves.


2 thoughts on “Sri Lanka – A Quick Photo Journey

  1. Pat Hannifin says:

    I’m in Ohio, and just showed Grandma your pictures. She said, “Oh, Daniel, I can’t believe you’re doing this!! What a fantastic opportunity! Thank you so much for sharing! Lots of love, from Grandma” I was amazed, too!! Love from Aunt Pat, too!

  2. Dawn Marie McGaff says:

    Awesome Daniel……your photography and writing take us right there

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