Man, I love Mexico. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

Last week, we spent a few days before New Years at my brother’s house in Campo Lopez, a little surf village about 45 minutes past the boarder. His house is perhaps the most ideal place for a person who likes seafood, great views, and card games. Oh, and tequila.


The village has no electricity, so save for a few hours of candles and lanterns at night, you pretty much rise and fall with the sun – a weirdly rejuvenating sensation. It feels good to disconnect. It was pitch black around 6:00pm, and we were in bed close to 9 each night, and up at 6 ready for another day.

We went down with our friends Julien and Morgan, two adventurous souls who seem to make every day about a thousand times more fun than the next. Day trips included nearby cities Puerto Nuevo for fresh grilled lobster and margaritas, La Fonda for seaside breakfast, Popotla for fresh shrimp, oysters, and sea bass (which we purchased freshly caught and bbq’ed back at the house..mmmmMMMm).


Getting to Baja is such an easy and worthwhile trip, especially for Southern Californians. There are lots of little hotels lining the Baja area that are mostly cheap and cozy. Basically what I’m saying is- get to BAJA!




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