Joshua Tree

It’s kind of insane how long it took me to get to Joshua Tree – the National Park that’s a mere 3 hour drive from the place I’ve lived for 26 of my 30 years on this planet. I asked my mom the other day why she and my dad never took us out there as kids and she responded with, “Well we couldn’t do EVERYTHING!” Touché. 

So for Daniel’s 30th birthday, we finally made our way east to the Mojave Desert to explore, relax and rock climb. People have often described Joshua Tree as magical, and that’s just what it is. This comes as no surprise, since every desert I’ve ever visited has been a pastel-drenched dreamland. Whether it’s India’s Thar Desert or the McDowell Mountains in Scottsdale, the setting desert sun can almost make you believe in magic. Joshua Tree was no exception.

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