Learning to Dive

I’ll never forget the bouts of laughter coming from our instructor, Ross, when I finally surfaced mid-way through my first open-water dive. Daniel and I were in Nah Trang in Vietnam learning to scuba dive a few days after a Typhoon hit and the waters were, needless to say, a little stried up. Earlier in … Continue reading Learning to Dive

Coming Home

Coming home isn’t going to to be easy. It will be welcomed, seeing familiar faces after 5 months will be one of the greatest joys; sleeping in my bed after months of hostel ‘mattresses’ will be divine; eating my favorite meals I’ve missed will be delicious. But adapting to a life I put on the … Continue reading Coming Home

Our Last Bowl of Pho

Yesterday we said goodbye to Vietnam with one last bowl of pho. Pho (pronounced ‘fuh’), a Vietnamese rice noodle soup, has been a favorite dish of mine since I first discovered it while living in Seattle. Seattle is full of Vietnamese pho shops, and the soup makes for a perfect lunch on a cold, wet … Continue reading Our Last Bowl of Pho

Around Vietnam

Ice Cream at Hoang Kiem Lake, Hanoi John McCain’s Flight Suit, Hoa Lo Prison, Hanoi Coffee in Hanoi Notre Dame Cathedral, Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) Motorbike Rides through Saigon Watching the Rain, Bus Stop Outside of Hanoi Snake Venom Whisky Shots, Anyone? Continue reading Around Vietnam