A Wedding in Bali

“Every night, I would spend 30 minutes bending the fingers on each of my hands backwards,” Wayan continued as we drove through the mountains on our way to Ubud. “It was the only way to train my hands for dancing.” A few nights prior we were mesmerized by the eye-shifting, elaboratly adorned Balinese dancers performing … Continue reading A Wedding in Bali


Man, I love Mexico. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Last week, we spent a few days before New Years at my brother’s house in Campo Lopez, a little surf village about 45 minutes past the boarder. His house is perhaps the most ideal place for a person who likes seafood, great … Continue reading Baja

New York, New York

Isn’t it every dreamers dream to live in New York City? In September, Daniel and I packed our bags and headed East. With luck on our side (and one amazing boss who said ‘yes,’) we were able to live and work remotely for a month in New York. While a month will never feel long … Continue reading New York, New York


In July, Daniel and I spent 10 days exploring Panama. While it wasn’t as long of an adventure as we would have liked, and filled with far more mishaps than usual, it was a great adventure practicing our Spanish and enjoying the beauty of humid, rain-filled days in Central America. When we first arrived in Panama City, … Continue reading Panamaniacs

The Staycation

The staycation: you’ve heard the word, but have you put the practice into play? If not, now’s the time. The power of the staycation is mighty. Sometimes, when you need a vacation but just don’t have the time to travel, your best bet is to leave your side of town and head to the other. … Continue reading The Staycation